Provides the general membership of the club with a communal atmosphere for rigorous debate training

The Training Initiative seeks to foster strong leadership, negotiation, and communication skills amongst all members of the club. Trainees will attend weekly seminars to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of Model UN rules and procedures, followed by simulations of actual committees in which delegates will be able to represent countries and deliberate on pressing issues. All are welcome at these seminars, whether Secretary-General of EmpireMUNC, or a new club member just looking for some weekly debate practice. Ultimately, the aim of this initiative is to foster a community excited about Model United Nations as an activity, not necessarily as a way of winning countless awards. Overseen by Chief of Staff Anna Marks, and ran by Training Coordinators Faraz Athar and Prabhod Mudlapur, the Training Initiative is excited to see both new and old faces this fall. If you are interested, please attend our meetings on Thursday Evenings at 8.30 in Stern UC.