With NYU being a hub for international and politically driven students it is no surprise that Model United Nations, and more specifically travel team, have been so successful. M.U.N is the biggest club on campus, but the travel team stays much smaller limited to a maximum of 30 members, making it highly selective. The team is small to ensure that it will be successful. Practices occur at least once a week, though it is expected you be constantly learning and practice speaking to stay up to the speed with the competitive circuit of teams worldwide. A normal practice often includes speaking drills, impromptu speeches, flushing out crisis arcs, and timed research sessions. Run by the democratically elected Head Delegate(s), travel team allows you the opportunity to go around to other prestigious schools on the East Coast, i.e. Yale University, University of Chicago, Harvard University, Amherst College, University of Pennsylvania, and more, in weekend long conferences. Conferences consist of several different committee experiences, including both General Assembly and Crisis simulations. You are assigned to a certain committee beforehand and then compete within that same committee the entire time between Thursday through Sunday. Travel team is an amazing opportunity to hone the necessary skills of public speaking, research, networking and fast-pace problem solving.

For more information, or questions, feel free to contact the head delegates at the email addresses below:
Mohammed Mostafa Sharaf, at mms899@nyu.edu and Areesha Irfan, at ai902@nyu.edu

Travel Team (Fall 2015 - Spring 2016)