NYUMUN’s prestigious Travel Team is both highly competitive and selective. In the upcoming year, the new team leadership has prioritized the development of a strong collective culture cultivated in the practice room, during intramural sessions, and in the midst of conferences themselves. In order to achieve this, a variety of training methods - from weekly practice sessions that focus on writing and debate drills, to idea development sessions, one-on-one feedback sessions, and intramurals - have been instituted.

Due to our prestige on the circuit, we have found it vital to address the team selection process as well in order to encompass key areas that contribute towards development of a strong delegate and a helpful teammate. By introducing such reforms, we hope to create a team that can prioritize winning without risking collective culture and ensuring that every member’s contributions are well-rewarded. 

We look forward to seeing returning veterans and new potentials alike at the first intramural in the fall semester that will be held on Saturday, September 16th at 2:30 PM.

For more information, please view this page or contact the head delegates at the email address below.

Luxi Peng, at lp1571@nyu.edu and Areesha Irfan, at ai902@nyu.edu

Travel Team (Fall 2015 - Spring 2016)

Team Performance in the 2014-2015 Collegiate Season:

This was the most successful one in the history of NYUMUN's travel team. Led by Head Delegate Isabelle Klinghoffer and Spring Head Delegate Azizjon Azimi, the team collected unprecedented six delegation awards and numerous individual accolades including 15 best delegate, 19 outstanding delegate, and 25 honorable delegate awards along with 16 verbal commendations. The following is an overview of our performance this past year: 

  1. CMUNNY (Columbia University) 

    1. Best Delegates: Azizjon Azimi, Mateusz Swulinski, Andrew Samuel, Robert Hankins
    2. Outstanding Delegate: David Riccione  
    3. Honorable Delegates: Natalina Schappach, Emma Zhang, Anna Marks
    4. Verbal Commendations: Isabelle Klinghoffer, Stephen Caputo
  2. SCSY (Yale University) - Outstanding Small Delegation

    1. Best Delegates: Mateusz Swulinski, Ian Manley 

    2. Honorable Delegate: Jack Barker

  3. NCSC (Georgetown University) - Best Small Delegation

    1. Outstanding Delegates: Mateusz Swulinski, Isabelle Klinghoffer, Andrew Samuel, David Riccione 

    2. Honorable Delegates: Natalina Schappach, Emma Zhang, Anna Marks

  4. UPMUNC (University of Pennsylvania) 

    1. Best Delegates: Mateusz Swulinski, Isabelle Klinghoffer 

    2. Outstanding Delegate: María Martin Lopez

    3. Honorable Delegates: Azizjon Azimi, Stephen Caputo, Arnav Sood, Andrew Samuel

    4. Verbal Commendations: Robert Hankins, Anna Marks, Jack Barker 

  5. McMUN (McGill University)

    1. Book Award: Robert Hankins

  6. HNMUN (Harvard University)

    1. Outstanding Delegate: Robert Hankins

    2. Honorable Delegates: Azizjon Azimi, Natalina Schappach 

    3. Verbal Commendations: Andrew Samuel, Emma Zhang, Isabelle Klinghoffer, Dominick DeFazio, Ian Manley, Stephen Caputo, Anna Marks 

  7. PICSim (Princeton University) - Best Delegation

    1. Best Delegate: Robert Hankins

    2. Outstanding Delegate: Luxi Peng, Ankita Kanakadandila, Zaeem Nazir

  8. UCBMUN (University of California at Berkeley)  - Outstanding Small Delegation

    1. Best Delegates: María Martin Lopez, Isabelle Klinghoffer

    2. Outstanding Delegates: Emma Zhang, Dominick DeFazio

    3. Honorable Delegates: Natalina Schappach, Anais Gomez 

    4. Verbal Commendations: Addie Oursler

  9. VICS (University of Virginia) - Best Delegation

    1. Best Delegates: Robert Hankins, Andrew Samuel, Mateusz Swulinski, Gloria Li 

    2. Outstanding Delegates: Zain Khan, Jack Barker, Euan McArdle

    3. Honorable Delegates: Youngbin Yoon, Arnav Sood

    4. Verbal Commendation: Karan Shah

  10. ChoMUN (University of Chicago) - Best Small Delegation

    1. Outstanding Delegates: Azizjon Azimi, Zain Khan, Natalina Schappach, Ankita Kanakadandila  

    2. Honorable Delegates: Mateusz Swulinski, Emma Zhang, Robert Hankins, David Riccione, Luxi Peng, Youngbin Yoon, Andrew Samuel 

    3. Verbal Commendations: María Martin Lopez, Dominick DeFazio 

We sincerely thank our past members and mentors for their efforts and contributions in training and leading the team, among them: Stephen Caputo '15, Ian Manley '15, Kamal Tamboli '14, Abhishek Chandra '14, Akshay Anantharaman '13, and others.