NYUMUN’s prestigious Travel Team is both highly competitive and selective. In the upcoming year, the new team leadership has prioritized the development of a strong collective culture cultivated in the practice room, during intramural sessions, and in the midst of conferences themselves. In order to achieve this, a variety of training methods - from weekly practice sessions that focus on writing and debate drills, to idea development sessions, one-on-one feedback sessions, and intramurals - have been instituted.

Due to our prestige on the circuit, we have found it vital to address the team selection process as well in order to encompass key areas that contribute towards development of a strong delegate and a helpful teammate. By introducing such reforms, we hope to create a team that can prioritize winning without risking collective culture and ensuring that every member’s contributions are well-rewarded.

For more information, or questions, feel free to contact the head delegates at the email addresses below:
Luxi Peng, at lp1571@nyu.edu and Areesha Irfan, at ai902@nyu.edu

Travel Team (Fall 2015 - Spring 2016)